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Unveiling the Mystery Behind Dental Overbites: Causes, Consequences and Solutions

An overbite refers to the vertical overlap of the upper front teeth over the lower front teeth when the jaws are closed. In moderate amounts, an overbite is considered normal and can even have functional benefits, such as protecting the teeth from excessive wear and providing stability during biting and chewing. However, when the overbite

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Smiling for two: Oral Health & Pregnancy

You took a pregnancy test and finally see that positive result. Congratulations! For many this may be a major surprise and many others this test may be following a long journey of obstacles. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, you’re about to become a symptom researching master! As a recent mom and dentist, let me

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Bruxism, commonly known as tooth grinding, and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction, can have significant effects on your oral health and overall well-being. This essay will discuss what TMJ dysfunction is, its prevalence, and the primary cause, which is stress. Additionally, we will explore various treatment alternatives, including massage, relaxation and de-stressing techniques, oral appliances like

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