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13 Tooth Tattoos You’ve Gotta See

There’s no doubt that for us who practice esthetic dentistry, smiles are our canvas. Designing a smile is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling endeavor and although a highly technical process, it’s largely an artistic pursuit. For us, we say our work is where Art Meets Science! Tattooing is also one of the world's most famous art forms, exploding into popularity today with shows like Ink Master. With a vast variety of styles and subject matter of tattoos, is it any surprise that tooth tattoos exist? So, being fans of all things art and dental, we decided to take a look at the top 13 most awesome dental inspired skin ink...and even a TOOTH tattoo! From cool to quirky - they’ll all make you smile.


Ahh…the wisdom tooth. Routinely pulled, rarely honored in perpetuity with such reverence.

Dr. Frankenstein in the house…I’ve heard he’s got amazing chair side manner. 

Some teeth really leave a mark.

Just like Dental School, collecting teeth in a jar with bleach to practice procedures on…

Incredible depiction of a shark tooth. We’re not exactly veterinary dentistry experts…but that’s pretty cool. Crocodile Dundee would agree.

I’ve heard of spilling the beans, but selling the teeth?

Tooth Life

Tooth surrounded by the words Sweet Tooth with traditional flowers

American Traditional. Sweet.

Detailed anatomical drawing of all of the teeth of the mouth - black and white

Did it come with a lifetime supply of razors?

Detailed anatomical black and white drawing of the lower jaw and one tooth zoomed in below

Really nice linework, and the zoomed in perspective has great anatomy. 

Beautiful black and white fly tattoo with a jaw and large tooth in the middle

Not super sure what this is about, but it makes you want to keep looking at it. Plus it looks like a sticker - great tattoo. 

Filigree filled tooth tattoo on the foot

So now I gotta cut loose


Kick off the Sunday shoes!

…Kenny Loggins would be proud

Black and white circle with arrow through a tooth

That probably put a whole new spin on ‘tooth pain’.

a motorcycle tattoo on a molar!!

Talk about a TOOTH tattoo!


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