The Team

Administrative Assistant

Esther is one the front office team members that will greet you when you arrive for your visit. She will make your appointments, check you in and help you determine what insurance benefits are available to you. Any questions you have, she is there to help with a sweet and genuine personality that will make you feel at home.

Dental Assistant

Sara will be the smiling face that will welcome you back to your treatment room to get you settled. Along with cozying you in with blankets and your favorite music, she will assist with taking your medical history and obtaining your x-rays. As Dr. Alex's right hand man, she will also be there to assist in all procedures. Any questions or concerns you have during your treatment, she will be there to answer for you.

Office Manager

"I couldn’t ask for a better office to manage. Our patients, dentist, and staff are all remarkable. I can honestly say I love my job."

    1. - Kathleen


    Kathleen is your first point of contact here at Semidey Dental. She will be the first to greet you on the phone as well as in person, where her warm and sincere demeanor welcomes you right in. She will help coordinate your treatment along with assisting you in navigating your financial considerations. Kathleen has an absolute commitment to doing things the right way, always going the extra mile for you. She also has all of the special sugar free lollipops!

Dental Hygienist

Imani describes her role as a dental hygienist as being “an advocate for your oral health - that goes way beyond doing a cleaning and placing sealants”. She takes pride in educating the patient through their treatment experience, from diagnosis and treatment to formulating a maintenance plan in order to make patients feel comfortable and informed. She believes that empowers patients, which helps them stay motivated to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. What Imani is best known for, however, is her gentle touch.

Dental Assistant

During your appointment, Heather will assist with any and all of your dental needs. She states that her mission is to “personally guarantee that your visit to our office is nothing short of exceptional.” Her passion for dental health and for making you feel at home is clear for everyone to see. She will ensure you are comfortable and that you fully understand all of your treatment during your visit.

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